Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising Deals is known in reaching targeted listeners by buying planned airtimes. Radio advertising is an effective medium which allow you to reach your target consumer, in a low cost. Radio ads can stir listener's emotions which make them perceive the ads especially made for them. This leads to increase market awareness among the consumers which results in increase sales for business using our advertising services.

SMS Radio Application

Radio SMS Application Solution for Radio stations is the perfect way to offer added value service to current and potential.More...


Mob App for Stations

We provide cost effective and user friendly mobile application solutions especially designed for radio station conforming to industry More...


Live Streaming

We provide live streaming solution to all radio stations. We integrate your radio station on our website giving the user an option More...


Listener's Deals

Listeneras Deals is daily deal website specially designed for radio listeners. We provide ultimate user experience by offering the More...

Why Advertise on the Radio..?

There are over 60,000 stations nationally that could hold your advertising on their radio signals, but which one targets your audience demographic? Radio Advertising Deals works with major channels and listeners hence at Radio Advertising we really work to understand which demographic of audience are you trying to target and accordingly we put the word on the channels where you direct targeted audience is available.

Our channels hold 90% of the listeners and thus targeting those channels can really have a boom effect on your business. We iterate the listeners every week by their demographics to make sure that your target market is reached, to make your voice heard at the best. Our tools such as monitoring the Website hits, Mobile apps downloaded, Listing data, Independent auditing, SMS verification, Social media segmentation, Giveaways, Survey forms, Telephone calls received make sure that your campaign stays on top of the market where it is supposed to be.

Why Radio Advertising Deals?

We have the best channels available under our banner and focus on analysing listeners through different tools and techniques to better understand their demographics so that we can perfectly match your ad campaigns to the most suited targeted audience.

  • We provide free scripting services as well as consultancy for your advertising message.
  • We are deeply linked with the channels and can even arrange endorsements for competitions and events.
  • Our creative production facilities are the best and give your brand the platform and variety to be different and unique in terms of advertising.
  • Specialist knowledge and expertise, we are on the pulse of industry developments and emerging technologies and opportunities.