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Radio Advertising Deals is a division of the Metro IT enterprise, which is a world leading E-Marketing forum. Metro Division management is always looking for new avenues for e-marketing for the products and services to the potential clients. So the Radio Advertising Deals was launched to tape this new corridor of opportunity, to take the marketing to next level. It will provide a wonderful two way opportunity to the brands and radio operators to get linked and make deals.

Radio Advertising Deals provide a realistic platform to the Radio Stations operators, as well as, the business enterprises a realistic opportunity to interact. It provides a two way win-win situation i.e.


  1. Radio Operators can find the brands to advertise.
  2. Brands can find the suitable Radio Stations to market their products and services.


Radio Advertising Deals is supplementing different ways of commercialization as it would be able to encompass those clients who have taste for radio, or who have less opportunity to sit in front of the TV or to read because of their hectic daily routine. This is the focal point to utilize radio as an announcing tool.

Radio Advertising has added an additional customized tool to reach the target audience, who end up becoming potential client for brands being commercialized.