We provide cost effective and user friendly mobile application solutions conforming to industry standards and latest technological advancements.Dataslices has established a strong expertise in mobile applications. Our mobile applications solution helps organizations to communicate with their customers through custom mobile devices.We have developed mobile applications for all major platforms like:-

iPhone, windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android & Symbian

And we offer various areas of application development for mobile phones like:-

  • Application for Shopping Malls (Example Fast Mall iphone application)
  • Productivity applications
  • Sales applications
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Java based mobile applications
  • Mobile application marketing tools
  • Our Development Process

Our team of expert developers take care of following procedure while developing mobile application which ends with customer’s satisfaction.

  • Meet the client for a greater understanding and requirements of the project.
  • Project elements analysis for a little detail of project is performed at Dataslices lab.
  • Content material is gathered.
  • Software architecture or wireframe creation is done using original text & images.
  • Creation of code for the software.
  • Deep testing of every software is vital for Dataslices.
  • Documentation for future maintenance and enhancement.
  • Project is signed-off, launched & a marketing plan is created to promote the application.

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